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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sexy Stuff

Do you read erotic fiction? Have you read it lately? Holy Cow! I recently judged some entries in the Passionate Ink contest. (PI is an RWA chapter that focuses on erotic romance.) I have to tell you, the genre has come a long way in the past few years. Yes, there is still lots of hot, wild sex. Usually beginning on page one, but these novels also have a story. Okay, most of them do. Kensington has a new line, Aphrodisia that is hotter and more sexually explicit than anything I've ever read. Kensington Editor Hilary Sayers sent me some of the books and I really must remember to send her a thank you. (My husband also wants to thank her.) I'm reading "Three" right now and am totally captivated. "Sexy Beast" is an anthology and I have to tell you that the first story in that one was so shocking that I'm still trying to get over it. (In a good way.) I will admit it's a little beyond my comfort zone with the sexuality and the various relationships, but it was most definitely hot. The books come with a warning and you should take heed, but if you dare, you are in for one wild ride. (Um, pun intended.) Must find husband now just talking about the books is making me a little crazy. ;-) If you have some titles you think we should take a look at, please tell us about them.


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